Instructions for Audience Response Format (For any size group)


1.     Use PowerPoint quizzes that have the answers after the question and are not timed.

2.   One person must be the moderator and not play in the game

3.   The moderator selects the quiz.

4.     Ask the entire audience to stand.

5.     The moderator reads and shows on a screen the first question to the entire audience.


6.     Each person answers the question by holding up one finger (the index finger) if they think choice one is correct, two fingers (index finger and middle finger) if they think choice two is correct, three fingers (index, middle, ring) for choice three, four fingers (index, middle, ring and small) for choice four and all five fingers on one hand for choice five.


7.   The moderator then shows the answer

8.   Show the other questions with the audience responding as per step 6.

9.   You might at the end ask how many got all the questions correct, one wrong, etc.

10. Everyone is a winner in this game for no one individual is declared a winner.