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how to play jeopardy style games online      To play offline


1.   from the jeopardy style list of games click on the name of the game that you wish to play.

2.  on the blue jeopardy screen click on the green "load file" button.


3.  select the number of teams from 1 to 8 by using the up or down arrows

4.   to set a time limit to answer the question click on the red circle below “use the timer” which changes the no to yes and set the seconds to answer the question by using the arrows. if they don’t answer in time it sounds a buzzer while showing an hour glass with the words “your time is up!!.” the time counts up in small red letters in the upper right corner.

5.   click the red circle under final jeopardy to change the yes to no on the option for final jeopardy.

6.   click the green “go play” button” to start the game.

7.   a person or team selects a question by clicking on the point value in a particular category. the game board has five categories at the top in red letters on a white background. each category has five questions with different point values in white characters on a dark blue background. the questions slides have the questions in white letters on a black background. the point value is shown at the bottom. the program keeps track of which questions have been used by a red x over the point value of the question


8.     after the game participant states out loud an answer. click on the red “answer” arrow at the bottom right to advance to the answer slide to find out if the answer is correct.


9.  the answer slide has the question in green and the correct answer in orange. after the teacher or moderator determines whether the answer was correct or wrong. click the bottom “adjust scores” button.






10.   on the scoreboard if the answer was correct, click on the “team # _____ correct” button at the bottom and the point value of the question is added to the score. if the answer was incorrect click on the “team #_______ wrong” button at the bottom and the point value of the question is subtracted from the score. the scoreboard shows the total score for each team. the scoreboard shows the correct answer for the question and it keeps track of the scores. if you make a mistake you can adjust the score up or down using the red arrows. you could play this game with zero for incorrect answer by not clicking in a team number and going to the next question as shown below.

11. click on the picture of the home in the lower left to go to the next question and this takes one back to the game board and steps 7-11 are repeated until the questions are all used up.


12.  to close the game click on the little red circle at the top left of the screen.