2015 Schedule for reading the entire Bible in one year in a somewhat chronological order but alternating between OT & NT

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Entire Bible Somewhat Chronlogical in One Year Alternating Old & New Testament- Daily Reading Schedule




Day Reading    Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1    Gen 1-3     Creation of All Things, Details of Creation of man, Fall of man

2    Gen 4-7     Cain & Abel, Genealogy of patriarchs, Noah and ark

3    Gen 8-11    Getting off ark, Rainbow, Genealogy from Shem to Abram

4    Gen12-14   Call of Abram, Abram and Lot part, Abram rescues Lot

5    Gen15-18   Promises to Abram, Birth of Ishmael, Abram pleads for Sodom

6    Gen19-21   Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Birth of Isaac

7    Gen 22-23  Abraham offers Isaac, Bought Cave of Machpelah to bury Sarah

8    Gen 24-25  Rebekah became wife of Isaac, Esau sells birthright to Jacob==

9    Gen 26-27  Isaac redigs wells of Abraham, Jacob gets blessing by deceit

10  Gen 28-30  Jacob’s dream of ladder, His wives and children, His flocks increase

11  Gen 31-32  Jacob flees from Laban, Jacob wrestles with God

12  Gen 33-35  Jacob meets Esau, Dinah defiled, Jacob returns to Bethel

13  Gen 36-37  Esau’s descendants, Joseph’s dreams, Joseph sold by his brothers

14  Gen 38-40  Sons of Judah, Joseph falsely accused and put in prison where he interpreted dreams

15  Gen 41-42  Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dreams and set over Egypt, His brothers go to Egypt

16  Gen 43-45  Second journey includes Benjamin, Silver cup in sack, Joseph makes himself known

17  Gen 46-47  Jacob and family go to Egypt and settle in Goshen

18  Gen 48-50  Jacob blesses Manasseh, Ephraim and his sons before he died, Joseph dies

19  Ex  1-3       Israelites oppressed, Birth of Moses, Moses Flees to Midian, Burning Bush

20  Ex  4-6       Signs for Moses who returns to Egypt, Bricks without straw, Promised deliverance

21  Ex  7-9       Plagues of blood, frogs, lice, flies, livestock, boils, hail

22  Ex 10-12    Plagues of locusts, darkness, firstborn, The Passover, The Exodus

23  Ex  13-14   Crossing Red Sea on dry land, Egyptians drown

24  Ex  15-16   Song of Moses and Miriam, Waters of Marah and Elim, Manna and quail

25  Ex  17-19   Water from Rock, Amalekites defeated, Jethro visits Moses, Mt. Sinai

26  Ex  20-22   Ten commandments, Protection of property, Social responsibility,

27  Ex  23-25   Laws of justice, mercy, Sabbath, festivals, Ark, Table, Lampstand

28  Ex  26-28   Tabernacle, Altar, Courtyard, Oil, Priestly garments, Ephod, Breastpiece  

29  Ex  29-30   Consecration of priests, Altar of incense, laver, Anointing oil, Incense

30  Ex  31-32   Bezalel and Oholiab, Sabbath, Golden calf incident

31  Ex  33-35   Tent of meeting, New stone tablets, Radiant face of Moses, Sabbath regulations


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Day  Reading   Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts 

1   Ex 36-37    Tabernacle, Ark, Table, Lampstand, Altar of Incense

2   Ex 38-40    Other furniture and garments, setting up tabernacle, Glory of the Lord fills it

3   Lev 1-3      Burnt, Grain, and Fellowship offerings

4   Lev 4-6      Sin and Guilt offerings, More about Burnt and Grain offerings

5   Lev 7-8      More about Guilt and Fellowship offerings, Priests’ share, Ordination of Aaron and sons

6   Lev 9-11     Priests’ ministry, death of Nadab and Abihu, Clean and unclean food

7   Lev 12-13   Purification after childbirth, Infectious skin diseases, Mildew regulations

8   Lev 14-15   Cleansing from infectious skin diseases and mildew, Discharges causing uncleanness

9   Lev 16-17   Day of Atonement, Eating blood forbidden

10  Lev 18-20  Unlawful sexual relations, Various laws, Punishments for Sin

11  Lev  21-23 Rules for priests, Passover, Firstfruits, Weeks, Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles

12  Lev  24-25 Blasphemy, Sabbath year, Year of Jubilee

13  Lev  26-27 Reward for Obedience, Punishment for disobedience, Redeeming what is the Lord’s

14  Num 1-2    Census, Arrangement fro the tribal camps around the tabernacle

15  Num 3-4    The Levites, Kohathites, Gershonites, Merarites, Numbering of the Levites

16  Num 5-6    Purity of the camp, Restitution for wrongs, the Nazarite

17  Num 7-8    Offerings at dedication of tabernacle, Setting up lamps, Setting apart Levites

18  Num 9-11  Passover, Cloud above tabernacle, Trumpets, Leaving Sinai, Fire and quail from Lord

19  Num 12-14 Miriam and Aaron oppose Moses, Spying out Canaan, Report, People rebel

20  Num 15-16 Offerings, Punishment for Sabbath-breaker, Tassels, Korah, Dathan and Abiram

21  Num 17-19 Aaron’s rod buds, Duties of priests and Levites, Water of cleansing

22  Num 20-22 Water from rock, Death of Aaron, Brass Serpent, Balak, Baalam and his donkey

23  Num 23-25 Balaam’s four oracles, Moab seduces Israel

24  Num 26-28 Second census, Zelophehad’s daughters, Daily and monthly offerings, Passover

25  Num 29-31 Feat of Trumpets Atonement, Tabernacles, Vows, Vengeance on the Midianites

26  Num 32-33 Transjordan tribes, Stages in Israel’s journey

27  Num 34-36 Boundaries of Canaan, Towns for Levites, Cities of Refuge

28  Deut 1-3     Summary of rebellion, Wanderings in desert, Defeat of Sihon and Og, Division of land


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Day    Reading       Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1    Deut 4-6     Obedience required, Idolatry forbidden, Ten Commandments, Love the Lord

2    Deut 7-8     Driving out nations, Be careful to not forget the Lord

3    Deut 9-11   Israel was stiff-necked, Second stone tablets, Love and obey the Lord

4    Deut 12-14 One Place of Worship, Worshipping other gods, Clean and unclean foods

5    Deut 15-17 Canceling debts, Freeing servants. Passover, Feasts of weeks and tabernacles, Judges

  Deut 18-19 Offerings for Priests and Levites, Detestable practices, The Prophet, Cities of refuge

  Deut 20-21 Going to war, Atonement for unsolved murder, Marrying a captive woman, Rebellious son

8    Deut 22-23 Various laws, Marriage violations, Exclusion from assembly, Uncleanness in camp

  Deut 24-26 Miscellaneous laws, First fruits and tithes, Follow the Lord’s Commands

10  Deut 27-28 Altar on Mt Ebal, Curses from Mt Ebal, Blessings for obedience, Curses for disobedience

11  Deut 29-31 Renewal of covenant, Prosperity after turning to the Lord, Joshua to succeed Moses

12  Deut 32-34 Song of Moses, Moses to die on Mt Nebo, Moses blesses the tribes, Death of Moses


The following are the sections* in Harmony of Gospels order

* For the Gospels all you have to do is click on the sections for the day and the scriptures will pop up. These sections are those in A Harmony of the Gospels by A. T. Robertson, Harper & Row, 1922


Day  Sections   Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

13    1-7             Genealogies, Announcements of Births of John the Baptist and Jesus

14    8-19           Births and childhoods of John the Baptist and Jesus

15    20-28         Beginning of Ministry of John the Baptist, Baptism & Temptations of Jesus, First disciples

16    29-36         First miracle, Cleansing temple, Nicodemus, John’s loyalty

17    37-45         Rejection at Nazareth, Calling fishers of men, Four Healings

18    46-49         Healing paralytic, Call of Matthew, Sabbath controversies over healing lame man

19    50-54(2)     More Sabbath controversies, Choosing 12 apostles, Start Sermon on Mount

20    54(3-8)       Rest of Sermon on the Mount

21    55- 61        Healing centurion’s servant, Raising widow’s son, Parable of two debtors

22    62-64         Parables of sower, seed, tares, mustard seed, leaven, treasure, pearl, net, householder

23    65-67         Calming sea, Healing Gerasene demoniac, Woman with issue of blood, Jairus’ daughter

24    68-71         Healing blind men, Sending forth disciples, John the Baptist beheaded

25    72-75         Feeding 5000, Walking on water

26    76-77         Strong teaching against the Pharisees

27    78-82         Feeding 4000, Healing blind man, Testing faith of the twelve

28    83-87         Foretelling death and resurrection, Transfiguration, Boy the disciples could not heal

29    88-95         Coin in mouth of fish, Who shall be greatest, Forgiveness, What following Jesus means

30    96-99         Woman taken in adultery, Light of the world, Exposing sin of Pharisees

31   100-102      Man born blind, I am the Door & Good Shepherd, Mission of seventy


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Day  Sections   Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts


1     103-107     Good Samaritan, Mary & Martha, Importunate friend, Greater than Solomon or Jonah

2     108-111     Parables of rich fool, wise Steward, Fig tree, Healing woman with spirit of infirmity

3     112-117     Counting the Cost, Lost sheep, coin & son, Unjust steward, Rich man and Lazarus

4     118-120     Raising Lazarus, Healing ten lepers, comparing to days of Noah & Lot

5     121-124     Pharisee and publican, divorce, Rich young ruler, Laborers in vineyard

6     125-127     Again foretells death & resurrection, Blind Bartimaeus, Zacchaeus, Parable of pounds

7     128-131     Triumphal entry, Cursing fig tree, Cleansing of temple, Barren fig tree

8     132-133     Sanhedrin challenges authority of Jesus, Paying tribute to Caesar

9     134-138     Resurrection question, Straining gnat & swallowing a camel, Widow’s gift

10    139(1)       Destruction of Jerusalem and second coming of Jesus

11    139(2)-144  Begin with Mt 24:43, Parables of ten virgins, talents, sheep & goats, Judas plans betrayal

12    145-149    Foot washing, Jesus points out Judas as betrayer & predicts Peter’s denial, Communion

13    150-152    On the way to Gethsemane, Prayers of Jesus

14    153-158    Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus, Annas, Caiphas, Peter’s denial, Judas’ suicide

15    159-163    Jesus before Pilate and Herod, Release of Barabbas, Soldiers mock Jesus, Golgotha

16    164-168    Jesus on Cross, Darkness, Veil torn, Earthquake, Graves open, Burial

17    169-176    Resurrection and Appearances of Christ

18    177-184    More Appearances and Ascension of Christ


The following are the Historical books of the Old Testament::


19   Josh 1-4     The Lord commands Joshua, Rahab and spies, Crossing Jordan

20   Josh 5-8     Circumcision at Gilgal, Fall of Jericho, Achan’s sin, Ai destroyed

21   Josh 9-11   Gibeonite deception, Sun stands still, Southern cities conquered, Kings defeated

22  Josh 12-14  Defeated kings, Land still to be taken, Division of land, Hebron given to Caleb

23  Josh 15-18  Allotments for Judah, Ephraim and Manasseh, Division of rest of the land

24  Josh 19-21  Allotments for other tribes, Cities of Refuge, Towns for Levites

25  Josh 22-24  Eastern tribes return home, Joshua’s farewell, Covenant renewed, Joshua buried

26  Judg 1-3      Israel fights Canaanites, Disobedience and defeat, Judges Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar

27  Judg 4-6      Deborah, Jael, Song of Deborah, Gideon

28  Judg 7-8      Gideon defeats Midianites, Zebah and Zalmunna, Gideon’s death

29  Judg 9-10    Abimelech, Tola, Kair, Jephthah

30  Judg 11-13  Jephthah’s foolish vow, Ephraim, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Birth of Samson

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Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1   Judg 14-16     Samson’s marriage, Samson’s vengeance on Philistines, Delilah, Death of Samson

2   Judg 17-19     Micah’s idols, Danites settle in Laish, A Levite and his concubine

3   Judg 20-21     Israel fights the Benjamites, Wives for them, Every man did right in his own eyes

4   Ruth 1-4         Naomi and Ruth, Ruth meets Boaz, Boaz marries Ruth, Genealogy of David

5   1 Sam 1-2      Hannah’s prayer, Samuel Born, Eli’s Wicked sons

6   1 Sam 3-5      Samuel’s call, Eli & sons died, Ark of God taken

7   1 Sam 6-8      Philistines return ark, Samuel judges, Israel wants a king

8   1 Sam 9-11    Samuel anoints Saul king, Israel fears Saul

9   1 Sam 12-13  Saul’s impatient offering

10  1 Sam 14-15 Jonathan & armor bearer, Saul spares Agag

11  1 Sam 16-17 Samuel anoints David, David kills Goliath

12  1 Sam 18-20 Jonathan friend of David, Saul seeks to kill David who flees

13  1 Sam 21-23  David goes to Abimelech, Cave of Adullam & fights Philistines

14  1 Sam  24-25 David cuts off Saul’s skirt, Samuel dies, Nadab and Abigail

15  1 Sam  26-28 David again spares Saul’s life, Saul goes to witch at Endor

16  1 Sam  29-31 Amalekites burn Ziklag, Saul and sons die

17  1 Chr 1-3      Genealogies from Adam through Solomon’s descendants

18  1 Chr 4-5      Descendants of Judah, Simeon, Reuben

19  1 Chr 6-7      Descendants of Levi, Issachar, Benjamin, Ephraim, Asher

20   1 Chr 8-10    Descendants of Benjamin, death of Saul and his sons

21  2 Sam 1-4     David made king of Judah, Abner makes Ishobeth king of Israel

22  2 Sam 5:1-10, 1 Chr 11-12  Israel makes David king

23  2 Sam 5:11-6:23, 1 Chr 13-16  David defeats Philistines, Ark is brought to Jerusalem, David’s Psalm

24  2 Sam 7, 1 Chr 17 God’s promise to David, David’s prayer

25  2 Sam 8-9, 1 Chr 18  David’s victories, Mephibosheth

26  2 Sam 101 Chr 19 David defeats Ammonites

27  2 Sam 11-12, 1 Chr 20 David and Bathsheba, Nathan Rebukes David, Wars

28  2 Sam 13-15  Ammon and Tamar, Absolom kills Ammon, Absolom’s conspiracy, David flees

29  2 Sam 16-18  Shimei curses David, Advice of Hushai and Ahithophel, Absalom’s death

30  2 Sam 19-21  David returns to Jerusalem, Sheba rebels, Gibeonites avenged, Wars

31  2 Sam 22-23  David’s song of praise, David’s mighty men


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Day  Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1   2 Sam 24, 1 Chr 21-22 David took a census, David's altar, Preparations for temple

2   1 Chr 23-25                 Levites, Gershonites, Kohathites, Merarites, Priests, Singers

3   1 Chr 26-29                Gatekeepers, Treasurers, Officers, Plans for temple, Solomon to be king

4   1 Kgs 1-2                    Adonijah sets himself up as king, David makes Solomon king and gives him a charge

5   1 Kgs 3-4, 2 Chr 1       Solomon asks for wisdom, Solomon’s officials and governors

6   1 Kgs 5-6, 2 Chr 2-3    Preparation for and building of temple

7   1 Kgs 7, 2 Chr 4          Solomon builds his own house, Temple furnishings

8   1 Kgs 8; 2 Chr 5          Ark brought to temple, Prayer of dedication

9   2 Chr 6-7                    Dedication of temple, Lord appears to Solomon

10  1 Kgs 9; 2 Chr 8         Lord appears to Solomon, Solomon’s other activities

11  1 Kgs 10-11; 2 Chr 9  Queen of Sheba, His adversaries, Solomon’s wives, Jeroboam rebels   

12  1 Kgs 12-13, 2 Chr 10 Israel rebels against Rehoboam, Golden calves,  

13  1 Kgs 14, 2 Chr 11-12 Ahijah prophesies against Jeroboam

14  1 Kgs 15:1-24; 2 Chr 13-16 Abijah and Asa kings of Judah

15  1 Kgs 15:25-16:34; 2 Chr 17 Nadab through Ahab Kings of Israel, Jehosphat King of Judah

16  1 Kgs 17-19                 Elijah fed by ravens and widow, Elijah on Mt. Carmel, Flees from Jezebel, Elisha

17  1 Kgs 20-21                 Ahab defeats Ben-Hadad, A prophet condemns Ahab, Naboth’s vineyard

18  1 Kgs 22; 2 Chr 18       Micaiah prophesies Ahab’s death, Jehoshaphat king of Judah, Ahaziah king of Israel

19   2 Chr 19-22                Jehosaphat’s reign, followed by Jehoram, Ahaziah, & Joash

20  2 Kgs 1-3                    Judgment on Ahaziah, Elijah is caught up, Elisha

21  2 Kgs 4-6                    Widow’s oil, Boy is raised to life, Death in Pot, Naaman is healed, Axe head floats

22  2 Kgs 7-9                    Samaria famine ends, Jehoram and Azariah kings of Judah

23  2 Kgs 9-11,2 Chr 23    Jehu kills Joram king of Israel & Ahaziah of Judah, Joash is hidden from Athaliah

24  2 Kgs 12-13, 2 Chr 24 Joash repairs temple, Jehoida’s chest, Jehoahaz & Jehoash king of Israel

25  2 Kgs 14, 2 Chr 25      Amaziah king of Judah, Jeroboam II king of Israel

26  2 Kgs  15, 2 Chr 26     Uzziah king of Judah

27  2 Chr 27-28, 2 Kgs 16-17 Jotham King, Ahaz, King of Judah, During reign of Hoshea Assyria captures Israel

28 2 Kgs 18:1-8, 2 Chr 29-31 Hezekiah purifies temple, Celebrates Passover

29  2 Kgs 18:9-19:37         Jerusalem threatened, Hezekiah’s prayer, Isaiah prophesies Sennacherib’s fall

30  2 Kgs 20, 2 Chr 32       Hezekiah’s illness  


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Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1   2 Kgs 21, 2 Chr 33      Mannasseh and Amon Kings of Judah

2   2 Kgs 22, 2 Chr 34-35 Book of Law is found, Josiah celebrates Passover

 2 Kgs 23-25; 2 Chr 36 Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, Nebuchadnezzar, Jehoiachin, Zedekiah, Jerusalem fall

4   Ezra 1-3    End of Babylonian captivity and many return to Jerusalem, Restoration of Temple begins

5   Ezra 4-6    Resistance to rebuilding temple and Jerusalem, Completion & dedication Temple, Passover

6   Ezra 7-10  Arrival of Ezra in reign of Artaxerxes, Gifts for temple, Confession of improper marriages

7   Neh 1-3     Nehemiah prays, Views wall of Jerusalem, Starts rebuilding wall

8   Neh 4-7     Sanballat and Tobiah hinder, Under severe handicaps Jews complete wall in 52 days

9   Neh 8-10   Ezra reads law, People confess their sins, Covenant

10  Neh 11-13 People who return to Jerusalem, Dedication of wall, Principles of separation

11  Est 1-5     Removal of Vashti, Ester becomes queen, Mordecai discovers plot, Haman against Jews

12  Est 6-10   Haman hanged instead of Mordecai, Ester saves Jews, Feast of Purim, Mordecai promoted


The following are the Acts of the Apostles of the New Testament:


13    Acts 1-3     Ascension of Jesus, Matthias, Holy Spirit outpouring, Peter’s message, Healed of lame

14    Acts 4-6     Ananias and Sapphira, Persecuted of apostles, Choosing of the seven, Seizing Stephen

15    Acts 7-8     Stoning Stephen, Philip went to Samaria, Simon the sorcerer, Philip and Ethiopian

16  Acts 9-10     Saul’s conversion, Healing of Aenas, Raising Dorcas from dead, Cornelius’ baptism

17  Acts 11-13   Peter’s explanation, Peter’s escape from prison, First missionary journey, Cyprus

18  Acts 14-16   Iconium, Stoning of Paul, Council at Jerusalem, Second missionary journey, Philippi

19  Acts 17-19   Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Third Missionary journey begins, Ephesus

20  Acts 20-22   Macedonia, Greece, Raising of Eutychus, Paul’s arrest in Jerusalem, Before Sanhedrin

21  Acts 23-25   Plot to kill Paul, Trials before Felix and  Festus

22  Acts 26-28   Paul before Agrippa, Sails for Rome, Shipwreck, Malita, Arrival at Rome, Under guard


The following are the Poetical Books of the Old Testament:


23  Job 1-5        Satan Attacks, Loses Property, Children, Health, Eliphaz says Job has sinned

24  Job 6-10      Job’s Complaint & suffering, Bildad - Job Should Repent, Job would plead with God

25   Job 11-14   Zophar Urges Job to Repent, Job Answers and prays, Eliphaz Accuses Job

26   Job 15-19   Job answers and prays, Bildad: Punishment of the wicked, Job trusts, Zopah

27   Job  20-24  Zophar and Eliphaz accuse Job of wickedness, Job answers

28   Job  25-29  Bildad: Can man be righteous? Job maintains his integrity and discusses wisdom

29   Job  30-34  Job’s defense, Elihu contradicts Job’s friends and Job and proclaims God’s justice

30   Job  35-38  Elihu condemns self-righteousness, proclaims God’s goodness and majesty, Lord speaks

31   Job  39-42  God reveals His Omnipotence, God’s challenge to Job, Job’s repentance and restoration


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Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1     Ps 1-8        Blessed is the man, When I consider the heavens.. what is man that you are mindful

2     Ps 9-17       I will praise you…The fool has said in his heart that there is no God

3     Ps 18-21      The Lord is my rock…The heavens declare the glory of God…Some trust in chariots

4     Ps 22-28      Words on cross…The Lord is my shepherd…my light and my salvation>

5     Ps 28-35     Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven… I will bless the Lord at all times

6     Ps 36-41      Do not fret because of evildoers…I waited patiently for the Lord and He heard my cry

7     Ps 42-49      My soul thirsts for God…God is our refuge and strength…Oh, clap your hands

8     Ps 50-55      Blot out my transgressions…Create in me a clean heart…Cast your burden on the Lord

9     Ps 56-63      My heart is steadfast…Judgment of the wicked…Early will I seek You

10   Ps 64-69      Let God arise, His enemies be scattered… Let heaven and earth praise Him

11   Ps 70-74      In You, O Lord, I put my trust…My feet almost slipped when I saw the wicked prosper

12   Ps 75-78      We give thanks for Your wondrous works…That the generation to come might know

13   Ps 79-86      Restore us, Sing aloud, Oh that My people would listen, No good thing will He withold

14   Ps 87-93      God is greatly to be feared…The days of our lives are 70 years, if by reason of strength 80

15   Ps 94-103    Vengeance belongs to God…Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness…Hate evil

16   Ps 104-106  Sing to the Lord as long as you live…Make known His deeds…Give thanks to the Lord

17   Ps 107-113  Let the redeemed or the Lord say so…Oh, that men would give thanks to the

18   Ps 114-118  What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits…Better to trust in the Lord than man

19   Ps 119:1-88 Your word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin…Your word is better than gold

20   Ps 119:89-176 Your word is forever settled in heavenYour word is a lamp, light, pure, truth, delight

21   Ps 120-131  My help comes from the Lord… Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain

22   Ps 132-138  It is good for brethren to dwell in unity…His mercy endures forever…Word above name

23   Ps 139-144  Set a guard over my mouth, Cause me to know how I should walk, Teach me Your will>

24   Ps 145-150  The Lord is good to all…Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

25   Prov 1-3      Fear of the Lord is beginning of knowledge, Trust in Lord not your own understan

26   Prov  4-6     Keep your heart with all diligence, Go to the ant you sluggard, Things the Lord hates

27   Prov 7-9      The immoral woman, Wisdom is better that rubies, Give instruction to a wise man

28   Prov 10-12   He who restrains his lips is wise, who wins souls is wise, who hates correction is stupid

29   Prov 13-15   Wise son heeds instruction, Wise woman builds her house, Soft answer turns away wrath

30   Prov 16-18   Pride goes before destruction, Answering a matter before hearing it brings shame

31   Prov 19-21   He who speaks lies will not escape, Wine is a mocker, He who loves pleasure will be poor


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Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts


1   Prov 22-24  A good name better than riches, Don’t remove ancient land marks, Multitude of counselors

2   Prov 25-26 A word fitly spoken, Meddling with strife belonging to others is like grabbing a dog by ears

3   Prov 27-29 Faithful wounds of a friend, Eyes never satisfied, He who covers his sins won’t prosper

4   Prov 30-31 Give me neither poverty nor riches, Virtuous women rise early, work hard and fear the Lord

5   Eccl 1-4     Reason history repeats itself, Things don’t satisfy, Everything has its time, Value friend

6   Eccl 5-8    Keep vows, Man’s days pass like a shadow, A good name, Obey authorities

7   Eccl 9-12   Do what you do with all your might, A little folly can ruin your reputation, Whole duty of man

8   Song of Sol 1-4 The rose of Sharon, Lily of valleys, Little foxes spoil the vines

9   Song of Sol 5-8 I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine, Jealousy is cruel as the grave


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The following are the Pauline Epistles of the New Testament:


10   Rom 1-3      God’s wrath and righteous judgment, Jews and the law, All have sinned

11   Rom 4-6      No one is righteous, Justification by faith, Wages of sin is death, but eternal life is a gift

12   Rom 7-9      Marriage illustration, Life through the Spirit, future glory, God’s sovereign choice

13   Rom 10-12  Paul’s desire for Israel, Ingrafted branches, Living sacrifices

14   Rom 13-14  Submission to authority, Love your neighbor as yourself, The weak and the strong

15   Rom 15-16  Paul’s plan to visit Rome, Personal greetings, Mark them that cause divisions

16  1 Cor 1-4     Divisions in the church, Christ the wisdom and power of God, Servants of Christ

17  1 Cor 5-8     Expel the immoral brother, Lawsuits, Immorality, Marriage, Food sacrificed to idols

18  1 Cor 9-11   Rights of an Apostle, Warnings, Believer’s freedom. Headship, Lord’s supper

19  1 Cor 12-13 Spiritual gifts, One body, many parts, Love (Charity)

20  1 Cor 14-16 Gifts of Prophecy and tongues, Resurrection of Christ and the dead,The collection

21  2 Cor 1-5    God of all comfort, Forgiveness, New covenant, Treasures, Ministry of reconciliation

22  2 Cor 6-9    Hardships, Do not be yoked with unbelievers, Generosity encouraged

23  2 Cor10-13  Paul’s defense, False apostles, Paul’s sufferings, Thorn in flesh, Final warnings

24  Gal 1-3        No other gospel, Paul opposes Peter, Law and Promise, Sons of God

25  Gal 4-6        Hagar and Sarah, Liberty in Christ, Works of flesh, Fruit of the Spirit, Doing good

26  Eph 1-3       Spiritual blessings, Alive in Christ, Preacher to gentiles, Prayer for Ephesians

27  Eph 4-6       Unity, Children of light, Wives and husbands, Children and Parents, Armor of God

28  Phil 1-4       Paul’s chains, Humility, Timothy, No confidence in flesh, Right thinking, Thanks for gifts

29  Col 1-4        Supremacy of Christ, Fullness of Godhead, Rules for Holy living, Rules for households

30  1 Thes 1-4   Ministry in Thessalonica, Timothy’s report, Living to please God, Coming of the Lord




Day  Reading   Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1   1 Thes 52 Thes 1-3 Final instructions, Man of lawlessness, Stand fast, Warning against idleness   

2   1 Tim 1-3    Warnings against false teachers. Instructions on worship, Bishops and deacons

3   1 Tim 4-6    Be an example, Widows, Elders, Love of money, Charge to Timothy

4   2 Tim 1-4    Encouragement to be faithful, Workman approved by God, Perilous times in last days

5  Titus 1-3 & Philem 1 Task on Crete, What must be taught, Doing good, Paul’s plea for Onesimus

6  Heb 1-4       Son superior to angels, Pay attention, Jesus greater than Moses and is great high priest

7  Heb 5-8       Falling away, God’s promise, Jesus like Melchizedek, New covenant

8  Heb 9-11     Earthly tabernacle, Blood of Christ, Sacrifice once for all, By faith

9  Heb 12-13   God disciplines His sons, Warning against refusing God, Exhortations


The following are the Major and Minor Prophets of the Old Testament


10 Isa 1-4      During reigns of Uzziah thru Hezekiah, Rebellious nation, Judgment on Judah

11 Isa 5-8      Uzziah dies, Sign of Immanuel, Assyria, the Lord’s instrument

12 Isa 9-12    Child born, Lord’s anger, Judgment on Assyria, Branch from Jesse

13 Isa 13-17  Prophesies against Babylon, Assyria, Philistines, Moab, Damascus

14 Isa 18-22  Prophesies about Cush, Egypt, Babylon, Edom, Arabia, Jerusalem

15 Isa 23-27  Prophesies about Tyre, Devastation of earth, Praise to Lord, Deliverance of Israel

16 Isa 28-30  Woes to Ephraim, David’s city, To the obstinate nation

17 Isa 31-34  Relying on Egypt, Kingdom of righteousness, Women, Distress, Judgment of nations

18 Isa 35-36  Joy of the Redeemed, Sennacherib threatens Jerusalem

19 Isa 37-39  Sennacherib’s Fall, Hezekiah’s Illness, Hezekiah shows treasure to Babylonians

20 Isa 40-43  Comfort for God’s people, I am the Lord, beside me there is no savior

21 Isa 44-48  Israel the chosen, Jerusalem to be inhabited, Fall of Babylon, Israel freed

22 Isa 49-53  Everlasting Salvation for Zion, Prophecy of sufferings of Jesus

23 Isa 54-58  Future glory of Zion, Invitation to thirsty, Salvation for others, True fasting

24  Isa 59-62 Future glory of Zion, Invitation to thirsty, Salvation for others, True fasting

25  Isa 63-66 Day of vengeance and Redemption, Judgment and salvation, Future, Judgment and hope

26  Jer 1-3    Jeremiah prophesies in days of Josiah, Jehoiakim and Zedekiah, Call before birth

27  Jer 4-6    God’s call to Israel, Imminent invasion, Jerusalem under siege, Prophet’s lament

28  Jer 7-9    Trusting in lying words, Judgment on false teaching, The prophet morns

29  Jer 10-13 God and idols, Broken covenant, Jeremiah’s life threatened, Why do wicked prosper?

30  Jer 14-17 Drought, sword and famine, Plea for mercy, Jeremiah’s life style, Prayer for Deliverance

31  Jer 18-22 Potter and clay, Jeremiah persecuted, Broken jar, Unpopular ministry, Against evil kings

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Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1   Jer 23-25 Branch of righteousness, Good and bad figs, Seventy years of captivity

2   Jer 26-28 Jeremiah saved from death, Babylonian conquests foretold, Hananiah’s falsehood & doom

3   Jer 29-31 Jeremiah’s letter to the captives, Restoration of Israel and Judah, Future prosperity

4   Jer 32-34 Jeremiah in prison, Jeremiah buys a field, Restored nation, Warning to Zedekiah

5   Jer 35-37 Odedient Rechabites, Jehoiakim burns Jeremiah’s scroll, Jeremiah again in prison

6   Jer 38-40 Jeremiah in a dungeon, Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon, Jeremiah is freed

7   Jer 41-43 Gedaliah is killed, Jeremiah tells them not to go to Egypt, Jeremiah is taken to Eg

8   Jer 44-47 Punishment in Egypt, Assurance to Baruch, Judgment on Egypt and Philistia

9   Jer 48-50 Judgment on Moab, Ammon, Damscus, Kedar, Hazor, Elam, Babylonia

10   Jer 51-52 Utter destruction of Babylon, Israel not forsaken, Fall of Jerusalem, Temple burns

11  Lam 1-3:36 Jerusalem in affliction, God’s anger with Jerusalem, Lament over personal affliction

12  Lam 3:32-5:22 Plea to return to God, False prophets, Prayer for restoration

13  Ezek 1-3     Vision of God, Ezekiel is sent to rebellious Israel, Ezekiel a watchman

14  Ezek 4-6     Jerusalem’s siege portrayed, Symbol of Ezekiel’s hair, Judgment against idolatrous Israel

15  Ezek 7-9     Final judgment on Israel, Abominations in the temple, Marked for faithfulness

16  Ezek10-12  Glory departs from temple, Judgment on Leaders, Judah’s captivity and judgment

17   Ezek 13-15 Reproof of lying prophets and idolaters, Burning the unfit vine

18   Ezek 16-18 God’s love for Jerusalem in spite of adultery, Eagles and vine, Soul who sins shall die

19   Ezek 19-21 Lament for Israel’s princes, Rebellious Israel, Babylon, the sword of God’s judgment

20   Ezek 22-24 Sins of Jews, Two harlot sisters Samaria and Jerusalem, Boiling pot, Ezekiel’s wife dies

21   Ezek 25-27 Prophesies against Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Lament for Tyre      

22   Ezek 28-30 Prophesies against Tyre and Sidon, Egypt will fall

23  Ezek 31-33  Egypt will be cut down like a great tree, Lamentation for Pharaoh, Ezekiel a watchman

24   Ezek 34-36 Reproof of shepherds, Judgment of Mt Seir, Israel is comforted

25   Ezek 37-39 Dry bones live, Prophecy against Gog, Land is restored to Israel

26  Ezek 40-42  Ezekiel sees vision of a new temple with its gates, courts and chambers

27  Ezek 43-45  The vision continues with the altar, priests and Levites, The holy district, Offerings

28  Ezek 46-48  Holy days, Waters coming from the temple, Land for tribes and priests, Name of the city

29  Dan 1-3       Refusing to eat king’s meat, Interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Fiery furnace

30  Dan 4-6       Nebuchadnezzar’s tree dream, Handwriting on wall, Daniel in lion’s den for praying



Day    Reading  Some Events, People, Places, or Thoughts

1  Dan 7-9       Daniels visions of four beasts, ancient of days and ram and goat, 70 weeks prop

2   Dan 10-12 Prophesies of Persia and Greece and of the end times

3   Hos 1-7     Hosea told to take Gomer as wife, Judgment against Israel

4   Hos 8-14   Punishment for Israel, God’s love for Israel, Repentance brings blessing

5   Joel 1-3    The Lord’s day of darkness, Prophecy of outpouring of God’s Spirit, Nations judged

6   Amos 1-5  When Uzziah was king of Judah, Jeroboam king of Israel Judgment on Israel

7   Amos 6-9  Woe to complacent, Plumb line, Basket of ripe fruit, Israel to be destroyed

8   Jon 1-4 ,Obad     Flees from Lord, Swallowed by great fish, Prayed, Went to Nineveh, Angry that they repented

                     Obadiah prophesies against Edom,

9   Mic1-7      In days of Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah kings of Judah, Prophecy of  birthplace of Jesus

10  Nah 1-3   Because of God’s anger Nahum prophesies Nineveh would fall

11  Hab 1-3    Habakkuk’s complaints and the Lord’s answers, Habakkuk’s prayer

12  Zeph 1-3  In days of Josiah, Zephaniah prophesies against Judah, Moab, Ammon, Cush, Assyria

13  Hag 1-2    Haggai encourages the people to complete God’s house, Zerubbabel as a signet

14  Zec 1-8    Call to repentance, Zerubbabel’s hands would finish temple, Jerusalem’s restoration

15  Zec  9-14  Restoration of Judah and Israel, Cleansing from sin, Reign of the Lord

16  Mal 1-4     Polluted offerings, Corrupt priests, Coming messenger, Robbing God, Day of the Lord


The following are the General Epistles and Revelation from the New Testament

17  Jas 1-3      Trials, Hearing and doing, Favoritism, Faith and works, Tongue, Two kinds of wisdom

18  Jas 4-5      Submit to God, Boasting about tomorrow, Rich oppressors, Patience in suffering, Prayer

19  1 Pet 1-3    Living hope, Be holy, Submission, Wives and husbands, Suffering for doing good

20  1 Pet 4-5    Living for God, Suffering for being a Christian, Elders and young men

21  2 Pet 1-3    Calling and election sure, Prophesies of Scripture, False teachers, Day of the Lord

22  1 Jn 1-3     Word of life, Walking in light, Love not the world, Antichrists, Children of God, Love

23  1 Jn 4-5     Test the spirits, God’s love and ours, Faith in Jesus

24  2 Jn, 3 Jn, Jude Don’t welcome false doctrine, Gaius, Diotrephes, Demetrius, Contend for the faith

25  Rev 1-3      Jesus is Alpha and Omega, Letters to seven churches in Asia

26  Rev 4-6      Throne in heaven, Scroll and Lamb, Seals

27  Rev 7-9      Sealing of 144,000, Multitude in white robes, Seventh seal, Trumpets

28  Rev 10-12   Angel and little scroll, Two witnesses, Seventh trumpet, Woman and dragon

29  Rev 13-16   Beasts out of the sea and the earth, Lamb and 144,000, Seven vials of God’s wrath

30  Rev 17-19   Woman and the Beast, Fall of Babylon, Hallelujah, Rider on white horse

31  Rev 20-22   Thousand years, Satan’s doom, Dead are judged, New Jerusalem, Jesus is coming


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