Dr. Moehlenpah has written several articles that are a valuable source of information.  The following are a list of Arlo's favorite articles.  We trust they will prove to be a great blessing to you personally!  

A Most Debilitating Question - Asking this question can bring your effectiveness to a screeching halt. 


Human Reasoning Versus Divine Wisdom - Skeptics try to explain away the miracles of the Bible but this article shows some miracles that they cannot explain naturally.


Casting Down Imaginations - Imaginations can cause wars, ruin marriages, and destroy family and church relationships.


Expanding Your Praise Vocabulary - It would be sad if an adult had a vocabulary of just four words, yet many Christians have a limited vocabulary in praising the Lord.


A Teachable Spirit - When it comes to learning the spirit of the listener is more important than that of the speaker.


Getting Through The Third Stage: Utilizing Spiritual Heimlich Maneuvers -

Most Christians have gotten through the first two stages of the parable of the sower, but the third stage is choking many.

Balanced Christianity -An excess of one Christian practice with omission of others will cause that personís life to be out balance. 

Barnabas We Need You Too! - There is a need for experienced pastorís to give young ministers an opportunity to get started and to mentor them in the ministry. 

Are We Cheating Our Kids? - Whereas we are probably not cheating our kids materially and socially, there is a question in regard to education and Biblical values. 

Evolution- Science or Religion? - The theory of evolution is a religion because it must be believed without observable and repeatable scientific evidence. 

Going Through The Motions - It is possible to have a form of worship that is merely activities and noise but not have contact with God.

I Will Sing! - A test of a Christianís devotion is the ability to praise God in the midst of a real trial.

The Great Personnel Director - God will not prepare or call people to  positions where they would not fit or be happy and He promotes them at the right time. 

Priorities - We are often required not to choose between good and bad but rather what is best and most important.

Planning for Succession - The next generation is coming. Are plans for the transition in place?   pdf version page 1         page 2       page 3

Dumbing Down of the Church - Why there is such a lack of knowledge of the word of God and what can be done to correct the situation?

Alpha & Omega and in Between - Jesus and Christians can be described by words beginning with practically every letter in the alphabet

Also I have written some articles on the Character qualities of honesty, humility, obedience, submission, thankfulness and sexual purity.


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