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What others have said about these Creation Materials


Creation Book 

"I have started reading the book and have exclaimed to my wife several times what a great book and how I was enjoying reading it. Please accept my congratulations for the wonderful job you have done. I thought this would be a good book for all of our young people to read at Cornerstone Tabernacle.  It is such a book that any Bible believing person would love to have."  W.C. Parkey, Poplar Bluff, MO

"I wanted to tell you, my wife and I are the youth leaders at our church and we just started teaching a series on Creation vs. Evolution.  Your book, Creation vs. Evolution, has helped me tremendously prepare for these classes.  We also plan to watch the video of your debate at USF for one of our classes.  I think the young people are really going to enjoy it."  Jeremy D. Kiner, Parma, OH

"One of our first jobs in Denmark is to show people how reliable the Bible is. One of the big hurdles we have to get over is the one evolution presents. Knowing my home country, I think that the material in your book will be very helpful in reaching people. Would you allow us to translate your book into Danish?"   Cai Larsen, Jackson College of Ministries


"I thought you would like to know, Jonathan our 8 year old has not stopped talking about you and your book.  It was so great to have you here with us, and start our little scientist thinking." - Kirt Denney, Pasadena, TX

"We really enjoyed having you in service with us.  Several in our church have come to me letting me know how much they enjoyed it.  We have many young people that are excited about sharing some of the information you gave them at their public schools."  Curtis Howard, Beech Bluff, TN

"Thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom with the church. I talk about your population growth revelation mentioned in your book all the time.  I thought that the facts about the tree rings were an eye opener also."  Karen Spell, Durham, N.C. 

Steadfast presentation 

"I just finished watching your Indianapolis presentation on Creation vs. evolution. Of course I have your book on that subject also. You did a tremendous job. I am persuaded that we need to appear more in the public forum if we are to be the salt and light that the Lord intended for us to be. What you are doing is very important for the redemption of the children that are being indoctrinated the "doctrines of devils" that are being taught in our public schools." - CH,  Missouri

 Tampa Debate presentation contents

"After watching both sides and the rebuttals I was so angry by the arrogant evolutionist that I was striding up and down in my house trying not to yell and wake up my wife and son.  I thought it extremely comical when the evolutionist repeatedly put his foot deeply into his mouth concerning atoms and elements. You did an absolutely fantastic job in not only defending Biblical creation but in also refuting the theory of evolution. The intelligence, wit, patience, information, speaking ability and scientific background that you exhibited in that debate (not to mention restraint) was awesome to behold. You had facts on your side, evidence on your side and so obviously, God on your side." - Phillip Booker, Rialto, CA

I just got the DVD of the debate in Florida with Mr. Young.  This needs to be shown to every high school student!  Great material!  God bless!  Mike Tuttle, Missionary to Holland

I was particularly pleased at the way the video company put it together. Using that airplane picture and the title and everything really presents from your perspective rather than his! Your presentation was right on target."  Christian Richardson, Florida District Coordinator, CMI

"This is a great video showing how off base the evolutionists are.  It shows how they do not face the obvious scientific facts that totally contradict  their "doctrine,  however,  they are just bent on attacking the Word  of God."    Mark Hattabaugh, The Pentecostals, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What an excellent debate!!!!! You presented scientific reasoning that could not be matched with rebellious attitude and atheistic 'phraseology' - or should I call it "mamboo-jamboo?    Daniel and Annemarie Blash, Fresh Anointing UPC, St. Louis, MO





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