1. Take the New Testament Test  (For a printable version of the test  Click Here )

  2. Read the New Testament in a Year and answer the Study Questions

  3. After a year take the test again or a similar one to see how much you have learned

  4. For year 2 do Old Testament Part 1 (Genesis - Esther) and for year 3 do Old Testament Part 2 (Job - Malachi)

 All printable versions need Adobe Acrobat ReaderClick here   to download it free.

Suggestions on How to Implement the Bible Challenge in a Local Church     (For Printable Version Click Here)

To obtain the scriptures and related study questions, click on the day in the Daily Reading Schedules

New Testament       Old Testament Part 1 (Genesis -Esther)           Old Testament Part 2  (Job-Malachi)        Entire Bible

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