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  There is no substitute for you reading the Bible directly for yourself. The Holy Ghost can speak directly to you as you read the word. However, some people who read the Bible are like the man in Acts 8:26-39. When asked, ”Do you understand what you are reading?” he replied “How can I, unless someone guides me?”  To help you understand the Bible, God has given pastors, evangelists and teachers. In addition a series of study questions can guide you through the Scriptures. These study questions should be a great tool in increasing your knowledge of God and His Word.  Please email us at with any comments or suggestions.


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Book of Acts CD

Contents of the CD for the Acts of the Apostles


PowerPoint Lessons

    Introduction to the Book of Acts

    Lessons covering all chapters of the Book of Acts

        Many comments are in the notes section.    

    Doctrines and Topics

    Paul's Missionary Methods

    Review for Chapters 1-12

    Review for Chapters 13-28

    Baptism of the Holy Ghost   

    Principles from the Book of Acts


Microsoft Word

    Handouts for PowerPoint lessons

    18 Quizzes

    3 examinations

    Gospels, Acts and Epistles

    5 Assignments

    Characters such as Barnabas

    Comparison between Stephen and Jesus

    Acts Reading Chart


Suggested Uses for the CD

These lessons may be used for midweek Bible Studies, youth services, Sunday School, or a course on "Bible and Science" for Christian Schools or Colleges. The information on this CD may be presented as is utilizing the Microsoft  PowerPoint Viewer installed on this CD. If one has the PowerPoint program installed on their computer they may modify the lessons by hiding, merging, or adding slides. 

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The material included in this CD may be used and modified by the person purchasing this CD but may not be sold, duplicated, or distributed. Only the Copies of the quizzes and tests may be printed and copied for classroom usage. Microsoft and  PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.



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