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Arlo and Jane Moehlenpah welcome you to the "Doing Good" website. Together they conduct teacher training seminars and have written Teaching With Variety, which is a must have book for anyone who desires to become a more effective teacher. Dr. Moehlenpah also conducts Creation versus evolution and personal finance seminars and has written Creation Versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations and Master Your Money or It Will Master You. Qualified and experienced, they have a way of presenting truth in an interesting "no nonsense" way with practical applications for everyday living. CD's are also available for each of these books. You will find information on these seminars, books, and CD's in this website.

This website has something for everyone. Young and old alike will be challenged by the "Bible Quizzes" or for the more studious, Dr. Moehlenpah's articles and Bible study questions online will challenge and enlighten you. Also, there is a daily Bible reading schedule including questions. When you look closely and explore, you will be fascinated and enriched by the wealth of knowledge "tucked" away in the corners of this site! 

Arlo and Jane

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