Master Your Money CD 

Master Your Money


CD Contents

This CD contains the complete text of the book Master Your Money or It Will Master You. Also included are PowerPoint  presentations of all 14 chapters of the book containing 291 slides including color pictures and animation effects.

Suggested Uses for the CD

These lessons may be used for midweek Bible Studies or adult Sunday School Classes. Also the material can be used for a  Personal Finance class for Christian Schools or Colleges.
The information on this CD may be presented as is utilizing the Microsoft  PowerPoint Viewer installed on this CD. If one has the PowerPoint program installed on their computer they  may modify the lessons by hiding, merging, or adding slides. 

Copyright (C) 2001 Arlo E. Moehlenpah

The material included in this CD may be utilized and modified by the person obtaining this CD to teach the contents but may not be sold or distributed to anyone else. Microsoft, PowerPoint and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.


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