Debate Against the Chairman of the Board of the Atheists of Florida

Creation vs. Evolution

“Science Vs. Evolution” Debate University of South Florida, Tampa 2004 against James Young, Chairman of the Board of Atheists of Florida You may watch this  debate  The debate was professionally videoed. Enjoy listening to and watching the entire debate, especially the rebuttals and questions and answers.

Christian Richardson, Florida District Coordinator, of CMI (Campus Ministries International) sent the following information to the University of South Florida, in Tampa.  


Dr. Arlo Moehlenpah, author of the book Creation Versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations, is going to be on the University of South Florida campus on February 18, 2004. He does hereby challenge anyone to debate on the following three-part subject: "The theory of evolution is not scientific. The theory of evolution contradicts established scientific laws. The theory of evolution is for all practical purposes not mathematically possible." Dr. Moehlenpah will speak first a maximum of 30 minutes for the subject and whoever volunteers and is selected to oppose will speak next for a maximum of 30 minutes. Each speaker will then give a five minute rebuttal. This will be followed by questions from the audience, which will be written on index cards and turned in to the moderator. The moderator will then ask the questions to the debaters who will be given equal time to answer.  

James Young accepted the challenge as follows “On behalf of Atheists of Florida, I thank you for extending this invitation. I will arrive at Marshall Center ballroom by 11:30 am on February 18th fully prepared to debate.”

The following biographical information was how he wanted to be introduced. “James A. Young was born, raised and continues to reside in Hillsborough County, Florida. At the age of 16 he accepted Jesus as his personal savior and accepted a calling to carry the gospel of salvation to as many others as possible. He later abandoned that ministry.

Today, James is Chairman of the Board of Atheists of Florida, Past President of the Humanist Association of West Central Florida and a member/supporter of numerous other organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United For Separation of Church and State, National Organization for Women, Planned Parenthood, Naral, People For the American Way, Equality Florida, Atheist Alliance International, Council for Secular Humanism, Humanists of Florida and the American Humanist Association.

James is a regular participant in USF's Bull Market. His atheist/humanist outreach booth can be easily found there most Wednesdays. Additionally, James is actively involved in Atheists of Florida's production of a television broadcast titled "Atheist Forum" aired on Hillsborough County's Tampa Bay Community Network”. 

The following are some of the purposes the Atheists of Florida organization according to their website.

“Human beings, along with all other species of animals and plants, evolved from a primordial cell; Homo Sapiens is one of many links in the chain of living matter on our world”.

To promote the concept that believers of any faith, are the product of unfounded dogmas toward whom sympathy and understanding should be extended”.

 “To promote Atheism as a philosophy which accepts only what can be verified by the scientific method and rejects supernatural entities, acceptable only as articles of faith”.  

In his presentation James Young stated he had been a Pentecostal preacher.

Natasha Manigat, president of Campus Ministry International for University of South Florida, served as the moderator.  The debate was very interesting. It was more than a debate. It was spiritual warfare. The students at the CMI at USF had been fasting and praying. It was confirmed later that at the exact time Dr. Moehlenpah started speaking, Missionary Esther Henry felt a strong burden of intercessory for prayer that did not let up for over thirty minutes.