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To hear and watch PowerPoint presentations of Dr. Moehlenpah teaching each chapter of the book Creation versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations click on the title of the chapter below. For example if you wish to hear and see about radiometric dating click on Radiometric Dating Methods in chapter 35 below. Thanks to Austin Ferrell for putting these on Youtube


Creation vs. Evolution





Ch. Contents                                                                                          

 1.   Science vs. Science Falsely So-Called                                               

 2.   Can a Christian Be a Scientist?                                                            

 3.   Benefits of Science                                                                             

 4.   Original Creation                                                                                 

 5.   World Before the Flood                                                                        

 6.  The Great Flood  

 7.   Capacity and Capabilities of Noah’s Ark

 8.   Orogeny - The Formation Of Mountains                                                 

 9.   Geographical Distribution of the Animals                                               

10.  Theories Of Evolution                                                                           

11.  Mutations                                                                                           

12.  Vestigial Structures                                                                             

13.  Recapitulation Theory Of Embryological Development                             

14.  Comparative Anatomy - Similarities Between Different Kinds Of Animals  

15.  Taxonomy - The Classification and Naming of Living Things                    

16.  Law of Biogenesis                                                                               

17.  Variation (Law of Kinds)                                                                       

18.  Laws of Thermodynamics                                                                    

19.  The Mathematical Improbability of Life Occurring by Chance                   

20.  Population Statistics Confirm the Bible                                                 

21.  Paleontology - The Study of Fossils                                                     

22.  The Geologic Column                                                                          

23.  The Formation Of Coal and Oil                                                             

24.  Mount St. Helens                                                                                

25.  Dinosaurs -"Terrible Lizards"                                                                

26.  Horse Evolution                                                                                  

27.  Human Origins                                                                                   

28.  The Origin of Races                                                                            

29.  Teleology - The Study of Design and Purpose in Nature                         

30.  Animal Migration                                                                                

31.  Geology - The Study Of The Earth                                                       

32.  Astronomy and the Bible                                                                    

33.  The Search for Life on Other Planets                                                   

34.  The Human Body                                                                               

35.  Radiometric Dating Methods                                                               

36.  Depletion of the Earth’s Magnetic Field                                                

37.  Dendrochronology

38.  Other Dating Methods

39.  Theistic Evolution

40.  The Day-Age Theory

41.  The Gap Theory

42.  Six Literal 24-Hour Days of Creation

43.  Evolutionary Religion




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