Creation versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations 

Creation vs. Evolution

This book is no longer available from us. It may be available from other sources.

 About the book

This book explains what true science is and how science benefits mankind. It shows that nothing truly scientific contradicts the Bible but the theory of evolution, which is falsely called science, contradicts not only the Bible but scientific laws and mathematical probabilities. This book refutes many of the popular evolutionary ideas from the fields of anatomy, astronomy, biology, chemistry, dendrochronology, geology, paleontology, physical anthropology and physics. Evidences for the Biblical account of creation and the Flood are clearly presented.

Some other interesting topics covered are dinosaurs, origins, animal migration, the origin of races and the geographic distribution of animals.

Format of the book.

This book is written in a question and answer format. The following are some of the several hundred Creation versus evolution questions answered in this book.

  1. What Did the First Man Look Like?

  2. When Did He Live?

  3. Was the Ark Large Enough to Hold All the Animals?

  4. When and How Did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?

  5. What is the Probability of Life Occurring by Chance?

  6. What is the Difference Between Astrology and Astronomy?

  7. Is There Life Outside the Earth?

  8. Why Is the Fossil Record an Embarrassment to Evolutionists?  

After reading the first chapter the reader need not follow the exact order of the book but instead may choose topics that are of most interest at the time.

Purpose of the book.

The educational systems and museums regularly bombard the public with evolutionary concepts of origins and the age of the earth. Despite their claims, most of these ideas have absolutely no scientific basis. The purpose of this book is to prepare the reader to recognize what is truly scientific and what is falsely called science and to help the reader see that none of the Biblical account of creation and the Flood needs compromising. What we actually observe scientifically fits in well with the Bible record. This book will give the reader answers to many of the questions that are asked regarding origins and will help strengthen the faith of those who are struggling between the two opposing views of origins.

Intended Audience.

Any Christian who reads or listens to the media regarding evolutionary concepts will profit from this book. I am hoping also that this book will be of evangelical benefit. It has been said that the theory of evolution has caused more people to lose faith in God and the Bible than any other idea ever proposed. If we cannot get people to believe in the God of Creation we will not get them to believe in the God of Salvation.

My experience in teaching on these topics both in Bible colleges and in our churches shows that there is a great interest in this subject and that people want answers to the questions they are asking and being asked.

I also sincerely hope that the concepts of this book will get into the minds and hearts of every Christian especially those who plan to attend secular college. This book also can be used in Christian schools and Bible colleges as a text for a course that might be entitled "The Bible and Science."

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