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This seminar no longer available Question: What do Dennis Anderson, Ron Brown, David Elms, Dan Flemming, Daniel Garlitz, Gary & Stan Gleason, Johnny Godair, Scott Graham, Ted Graves, Ronald Hendricks, Art Hodges, Mark Jordan, Ron Libby, Ron Lichtle, Scott Marshall, Matthew Martin, Ronnie Mullings, Robert Stroup, Melvin Thacker, H. E. Wheatly, C. Patton Williams and Jesse Williams have in common?

Answer: Besides being current or former District Superintendents, they all have had Arlo Moehlenpah for Creation sessions.


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Creation vs. Evolution




Creation Seminar Topics

Seminars consist of one or more of the following sessions.  Each session lasts about 1 hour including time for some questions. PowerPoint presentations utilizing a computer projector are included in each session.

Evolution - Science or Religion?

The theory of evolution is not scientific because it is not observable, repeatable or verifiable, nor is it subject to experimentation. It also contradicts known laws of science such as the law of biogenesis, law of kinds and the second law of thermodynamics. True science never contradicts the Bible while the theory of evolution is contradictory to the Bible. Mathematical probabilities also rule out the creation of life by chance.

The Biblical Record of Creation and The Flood

This session answers many questions such as "What did the first man look like?", “When was man created?”, “What was different about the earth before the flood?”, "From where did the flood waters come and where did the water go after the flood?", “What evidence is there today of a world-wide flood”, and "Was the ark capable of handling all the animals?"

The Fossils Say No!

The fossil record does not support the theory of evolution but rather favors the Biblical record of the flood. There is no evidence in the fossil record of one species evolving into another. A major portion of this session deals with dinosaurs, why they are so popular, when they lived, and how they became extinct. Also considerable time is spent exposing the fallacy of so called “prehistoric men”.

Design and Purpose in Nature

Everything designed has a designer. The entire creation from the tiny atom to the entire universe shows purpose and design. Examples of design are shown from the plant and animal kingdoms, the human body, the earth, the moon, and the sun.

A Young Earth

In addition to the Biblical record, many other observations, such as population statistics, radiometric dating, the earth's magnetic field, lack of helium in the earth’s atmosphere and tree ring dating, point to a young earth.

Theistic Evolution

Various ideas regarding theistic evolution, such as the day-age theory and the gap theory, are refuted and shown to be compromises. Evolution is shown to be a religion and not a science.

Session 1 should be included in the seminar. Other topics can be omitted depending on the time frame. Time should be allowed for questions. 
Over 240 pastors have had Dr. Moehlenpah conduct sessions.

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Pastors who have had Arlo Moehlenpah for at least one Creation Versus Evolution session


Allan Abbey

David Abbott

Richard Adams

Bob Addington

Stephen Allard

David Alvarez

Dennis Anderson

Henry Andrade

Thomas Andrews

Scott Armstrong

Jeff Arnold

Larry Arrowood

Larry Baitinger

Drew Baldridge

Jonathan Barley

Anthony Barnett

Roy Barnhill

Mark Bassett

Mark Batson

Dan  Batchelor

Ron Becton

Paul Bennett

Paul Bertram

Roger Betterley

Joey Bir

Chris Black

Larry Blake

Mike Blankenship

Randy Blizzard

Anthony Blunk

Larry Booker

Lorin Bradbury   

Howard Bradshaw

Phil Bridges

Dwayne Britt

Dallas Brock

Duane Brookshier

Carl Brown

Ron Brown

Ivan Burgener

Gaylen Cantrell 

Harvey Cantrell

William Chapman

Stuart Churchill

Bryan Claborn

Melvin Clifford

Sammy Co

John Cogan

Nathaniel Conanat

Tom Copple

Hasten Covey

T. Jason Cox

Terry& Anthony Cox

Everett Davenport

Dejon Davis

Jim Davis

William Davis

Daniel Davy

Devon Dawson

Frank DeLaCruz

Bennie DeMerchant

James Dillon

Bryan Claborn



Kirt Denney

Philip Dugas

Tim Dugas

Ernest Dumaresq

Tom Durrance

Bernard Elms

      David Elms

Dan Flemming

Richard Flemming

Moises Flores

Michael Flowers

Tom Foster

Fred Foster

Robert Frake

Leon Frost

Tim Gaddy

Daniel Garlitz

Graig Gates

Paul Getter

Jim Ghiloni

Arless Glass

Gary Gleason

Stan Gleason

Carlos Go

Johnny Godair

Kenneth Godair

Edward Goddard

Maurice Gordon

Scott Graham 

Richard Grandquist

Gerald Grant 

Ted Graves

Tim Grayson  

Travis Grimsley

Larry Grisson

Steven Hanson

Jeffrey Harpole

Gerald Hassebrock

Mark Hattabaugh

Chris Helms

Ronald Hendricks

Derrald Hilderbrand

James Hinkle

William Hobson

Art Hodges

Dale Hodges

Michael Hook

Curtis Howard

Daniel Huba

Rick Hughes

David Huston

Darrell Johns

Dennis Johnson

George Jones

Korey Jones

Mark Jordan

Robert Kaske

Daniel Keck

David Keller

David Kent

Barry King

Chadwick King

James Kirk

Dennis Kleiman




Nathan Kortu

Duane Kramer

Daniel Kyle

Tim Lackey

Donald Lance

James Larson

Bruce Leaman

Keith Leaman

Kevin Leaman

Lester Lear

Daniel Lewis

Lark Lewis

Scott Lewis

Ron Libby

Ron Lichtle

Elias Limones

Jim Lumpkin

David MacDonald

Victor Majadas

Jeff Marchand

Scott Marshall

Kenneth Marshburn

Donald Martin

Matthew Martin

Sam Mascareno

Stephen Mathias

Wesley McClain

Billy McCool

Spencer McCool

Jonathan McDonald

E. J. McDougal

Carl McKellar

James McPhaill

Danny Mendoza

Mark Meyer

Stephen Miraflor

Wayne Miraflor

Paul Mooney

Dennis Mostyn

Jonathan Mullings

Ronnie Mullings

John Nelson

Rodney Nelson   

Robert Nigro

Rodney Nix

Tracy Noel

Philip Norris

John Nowacki

Forrest Oberg

Donald O'Keefe

Dale Pace   

Luis Paez

Michael Papp      

      Mark Parker

      W. C. Parkey

Scott Patterson

Bill Pellum

Ronald Perry

Ronnie Phillips

Greg Pounds

Daniel Powers

John D Putnam




Dewayne Presson

Jeffrey Priessler

Donald Rogers

Franciso Rojo

Steven Saiz

Frank Sanders

Edward Sandez

Robert Sandez

Darin Sargent

Gale Scott

Andrew Seagraves

Troy Shurte

Larry Sims

John Singleton

Keith Sjostrand

Carl Sledge

Aaron Soto

Darrell Sparks

David Sparks

Michael Sponsler

Mark Stacy

Jerald Staten

Lee Stephens

Mark Stevenson       

John Stratton

Robert Stroup

Tim Sullivan

George Szabolcsi

Anthony Tamel

Craig Tatman

Scott Taylor

Melvin Thacker

Clifford Thoen

Ronald Thompson

Garry Tracy

David Trammell

Carl Trapani

Gary Trzcinski

Joel Urshan

Nathaniel Urshan

James Varnum

Sergio Vitanza

Steven Waldron

Ed Wales

Marvin Walker

Philip Walmer

David Walters

Brent Watts

Chuck Welch

Dale Welch

Roy Well

Steve Well

H. E. Wheatley

Richard Whittington

Robert Williams

Jesse Williams

C. Patton Williams

Michael Wilson

Dennis Witkus

John Wolfram

Ray Woodward

Simeon Young

Tim Zuniga


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