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Creation vs. Evolution



CD Contents

This CD contains the text of the book: Creation versus Evolution: Scientific and Religious Considerations in Microsoft Word format, as well as PowerPoint presentations with audio of Dr. Moehlenpah teaching all 43 chapters of the book, eight quizzes and a final examination. The presentations contain nearly 600 PowerPoint slides including color pictures and animation effects.  You can see most of these presentation by going to the table of contents page.

Suggested Uses for the CD

The CD can be used for conventional
teaching or individual study in conjunction with a workbook. These lessons may be used for midweek Bible Studies, youth services, Sunday School, or a course on "Bible and Science" for Christian Schools or Colleges. The information on this CD may be presented as is utilizing the Microsoft  PowerPoint Viewer installed on this CD. If one has the PowerPoint program installed on their computer they may modify the lessons by hiding, merging, or adding slides. 

Copyright (C) 2001 Arlo E. Moehlenpah

The material included in this CD may be used and modified by the person purchasing this CD but may not be sold, duplicated, or distributed. Only the Copies of the quizzes and tests may be printed and copied for classroom usage. Microsoft and  PowerPoint are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp.


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